New and Used Equipment

New and Used Equipment

Are you looking to buy or sell new and used equipment? We’re interested! Houston’s Tower Services buys tower equipment of all shapes and sizes. We also refurbish and certify used equipment.

If you are looking to buy equipment, simply tell us what you need, and we’ll guide you to the right piece of machinery.

We buy used, new and refurbished:

  • Tower equipment
  • Skid winches
  • Gin poles
  • Double-drum winches
  • Single-drum winches
  • Triple-drum winches
  • Shipping containers

Our Process

Get rid of your old machinery and put some extra cash in your wallet by selling your equipment to Houston’s Tower Service. We offer fair prices for every piece we buy.


Another 3 Drum build for a happy customer

Available Equipment


Two Drum Hoist

Equipment Features & Specifications:

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Hydradyne model HTH-50-SB11-PD15-1-0

Equipment Features & Specifications:

  • 50hp Kubota Tier 3 diesel engine
  • One (1) Braden PD15 man rated winch
  • One (1) DP model SB11 non-man rated winch
  • One (1) A2B solenoid valve for the PD15 man rated winch (A2B system currently not included)
  • One (1) elapsed time meter for the man rated winch
  • Standard 4CDUBB capstan
  • 3-section VA35 control valve to control both winches and capstan
  • Reclining operator’s seat
  • Plexiglas noise/heat shield
  • 20-gallon fuel tank
  • Hydraulic oil cooler

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Tower Erection/Maintenance Hoist Model 210-TH-360

Equipment Features & Specifications:

  • Meets OSHA requirements for personnel lifting (rear drum only)
  • Hydrostatic braking
  • Secondary spring applied hydraulic release brake with 3:1 safety factor
  • Winch speed diagram
  • Self centering controls
  • Anti Two Block protection
  • Hour meter
  • 5BC rated fire extinguisher
  • High efficiency closed loop hydraulic system
  • 210 HP water cooled diesel engine (environmentally certified)
  • Complete compliment of engine gauges and controls with safety shutdowns
  • 100 gallon diesel fuel tank with level indicator
  • 2 speed, operator selectable, HI-LO winch speed system
  • Operator/maintenance/winch inspection log book in weather tight enclosure
  • 115 gallon hydraulic reservoir with integral high efficiency return filter
  • Heavy duty structural steel skid with lifting eyes
  • Optional engine and hydraulic oil preheater
  • Optional third drum
  • Optional capstan winch with speed control

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Hydradyne triple drum hoist

Equipment Features & Specifications:

  • JCB 115hp Tier 3 engine without enclosure
  • Two (2) Braden CH210-02 personnel rated winches
  • One (1) Braden CH165-02 personnel rated winch
  • ATT Capstan
  • Three (3) Elapsed time meters (one for each winch)
  • A2B radio system installed (radio signal stops all three winches)
  • Parker VG80 pilot operated winch control valve
  • Powered reclining operator’s seat
  • Plexiglas noise/heat shield
  • 125-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
  • 40-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • Hydraulic oil cooler

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Previously Sold Equipment

Triple Drum Tower Hoist, Model HTH115-CH210/02-CH210/02-CH165/02-2-A2B(x3)-R

Equipment Features & Specifications:

  •  JCB 444TCA liquid cooled Tier 3 diesel engine, rated 114hp gross / 98hp continuous with engine control panel & instrument cluster
  •  12VDC battery in pad-locking battery box
  •  3-Section hydraulic vane pump
  •  Two (2) Braden CH210 personnel rated winch with high capacity 02 drum
  •  One (1) Braden CH165 personnel rated winch with high capacity 02 drum
  •  Radio package with three (3) A2B valves (one on each winch)
  •  Three (3) Elapsed time meters (one for each winch)
  •  ATT capstan, model 4CDUFBC1B
  •  Parker VG80 high flow winch control valve with hydraulic joystick controls
  •  High-Low winch speed control
  •  Reclining operator’s seat
  •  Plexiglas noise/heat shield
  •  125-gal. hydraulic oil reservoir with sight level gauge and 10-micron return line filter
  •  40-gallon diesel fuel tank
  •  Fan cooled hydraulic oil cooler
  •  Class ABC dry-chemical fire extinguisher
  •  Transportation dimensions (with capstan drum removed): 168”L x 95”W x 79”H
  •  Net weight with fluids but without wire rope: 14,000 lbs.

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