Tower Service

Tower Services

With a decade of experience, our team can manage your tower project from start to finish. Houston’s Tower Services is a tower installation company that specializes in working with three specific types of towers: guyed towers, self-supporting towers and monopole towers.  Additionally, we offer:
  • Tower modifications
  • Tower inspections
  • Tower erecting
  • FM burnout and changeout
  • Tower painting
  • Plumb and tension
  • Controlled tower demolition
  • Lighting system troubleshooting, maintenance and changeout
  • Mapping

If you have any questions about our tower installation services, don’t hestitate to call. We’ll answer any question you have.

Our Process

At Houston’s Tower Service, we prioritize clear communication, efficiency, and safety. We follow standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Learn more about our process by booking an appointment today.


Crane Services

If you are looking for quality crane services, Houston’s Tower Service has it covered. We provide window cleaning services, heavy-duty moving services, and more.

Gun Safe Moving

Do you need help moving your gun safe? We can help you!

Mechanic Toolbox Moving

Houston’s Tower Service works hard to ensure your mechanic toolbox is moved with the utmost care and efficiency.

Contact Us

Do you need a quote on your tower services? Contact us to discuss our options here. We will provide an honest and professional opinion and quote for your project